EGG-citing News

Yes, today we will be talking about eggs. Eggs are a very versatile food and we do so much in our household with eggs. It has come across my mind the many ways that we use and consume eggs in our day to day lives. Eggs can be consumed as stand alone meals, cooking agents, ingredients in other food, and eggs are also used in certain hair and skin care routines. I am sure that this egg list use can go on.

Here are some reflections of how eggs are utilized in our home. I even came equipped with the recipe for my dazzled eggs. We love hard boiled eggs here. We consume at least eight hard boiled eggs each a week. A tip for the perfect hard boiled eggs is to start off with cold water and a decent amount of table salt. Taking this step will make your egg peeling process much easier. Scrambled eggs are also served frequently here. We scramble the eggs until there are no signs of runny eggs (our preference).

We are in practice mode as it relates to preparing other styles of eggs. We love poach…

Snackin Across the U.S.A.

My goal here is to spruce up the blog by presenting to you something fun. I have included a theme within this blog entitled Snackin Across the U.S.A. I will present to you a snack that is exclusive to or popualr in a certain state. The snack would have already been tried by me. This theme will give me an opportunity to enhance my geographical knowledge and you can enhance the look of your snack drawer. This is a win win situation. It was my desire to do this in alphabetical order, but this shall be random and fun. The snacks presented on this blog is not sponsored products and the opinions expressed belongs to me.

Let's Get Snackin

The Wisconsin Kringle. This is a giant and deliscious pastry. The Wisconsin kringle reminds me of a danish, but I prefer the kringle. The only flavor that I have tried is pecan, but there are so many flavors to choose from. Once my kringle arrived; I made the mistake of cutting right into it. In order to experience the fullness of a Wisconsin Kringle…

Coffee Talk Tuesday-Happy New Year

First full course meal of 2019
The pork will be very limited in the diet this year. There's a pinch in the greens. ☺

Let's Talk Coffee
My everyday morning routine is Jesus and a fresh cup of hot brewed coffee. Consuming coffee has been a daily part of my routine since I was six years old. The way I love my coffee is light brown (hazelnut creamer and a lot of sugar). Exploring different ways of coffee is a hobby, but I remain faithful to the above mentioned way. 

Store brand is okay, but I prefer the best part of waking up (Folgers in my cup). In the past one cup was okay, but I have graduated to a daily consumption of two cups of coffee. Did you know that a study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) looked at over 500,000 people and found that coffee drinking was associated with reduced risk for death from various causes ( Since I have that information; I won't feel bad for using coffee as a treat to myself. Yes, e…

Traditional vs. Nontraditional (REDO)

The Story
Thanksgiving and Christmas has passed us by. On Thanksgiving day we decided to whip up a traditional holiday style menu. Christmas 2018 we decided that we will switch it up and divert away from the traditional holiday menu's that our parents instilled in us. We lost our parents and thought that it would be good if we experimented with creating our own traditions. In our parents honor, it was not necessary for us to divert every holiday. We thought that Christmas would be the perfect holiday to create our very own family traditions. Passing down traditions established by us to our daughter is of importance.

The Uncertainty
Here is what I was wondering. Is it really okay for us to be trying to create our own family traditions? Is this right by our parents and grandparents? Should traditions be created around something besides the menu?

Nontraditional Holiday Menu

Hot Wings
Barbecue Pork Ribs
Sweet Corn on the Cobb
Mixed Shrimp
Strawberry Cake
Lemon Meringue Pie
Sparkling Gra…

Pleasantly Surprised-Avocado

My Relationship with AvocadoI have been eating the avocado a little over a year now. Avocado is one of those foods that I never thought to consider. One day I was sitting in the break room at my job and I encountered a co-worker eating one with a spoon. Yes, a plain avocado with a spoon. She made it seem so good; I could not help but think, I have to try this. Once I clocked out for the day, I headed straight to the grocery store. I picked up one avocado. Yes one, because I did not know if I was going to enjoy it or not. Avocado has been a go-to food for me ever since that day. In my humble opinion, avocado has less taste than plain water. This is what hooked me. I know avocado offer some health benefits and I can reap them without being grossed out. Someone also told me that avocado is good for the skin. 

     I eat avocados on or with almost everything. Avocado definitely goes on my breakfast sandwiches and hamburgers. Whenever I visit the grocery store; I am sure to pick up at least…

Are You Ready for Another Recipe?

I would love to  share my red, white, and fruit salad with you. As you all should already know, writing recipes is not my strong point. That should not matter since everything that I make is done with love. So, here is the recipe for my red, white, and fruit salad 😊

Red, White, and FruitSalad

4 bags of Apples (Same Brand Same Kind)
 4 Containers of strawberries
3 Containers of blueberries
 1 Cup of powdered Sugar
 1 Cup of Regular Sugar
 1 Can of 7up
 1 Can of Red Hawaian 
  Cool Whip
The PreparationMake sure your hands and fruit is clean, clean, clean!!!!
Dice apples and strawberries in a consistency that is good for you. Keep apples separate from the other fruit until the very end, so they can keep their color. I also let my apples fall in a container of cold water as I am dicing them. Once the fruit is cleaned and diced then you will pour 1/2 can of 7up and 1/2 cup of regular sugar (preheat) in a small pot then add apples. You will cook them for five minutes while stirring, butDO NOT SMASHth…

Dining on Cape Cod

Introducing CIRO & SAL's
If you are seeking a quaint, quiet, and warm dining experience, then I have a treat for you. Located in Provincetown, Massachusetts lies a restaurant by the name of CIRO & SAL's. This is a landmark restaurant in Provincetown serving traditional Italian cuisine in their historic wine cellar. Make a reservation on your next trip to Cape Cod to have an unforgettable dining experience.

CIRO & SAL's has been providing quality service and delectable cuisine to Provincetown customers for decades. There's a hands-on approach that the owner takes when it comes to serving the needs of his restaurant. Employees are hired and trained from the ground up. In fact, a lot of them have went on to become great restaurateurs.

Let's Talk Food
CIRO & SAL's is known for their authentic northern Italian dishes. Their classic pasta, unique veal, and the seafood selection keeps patrons coming back for more. The portion sizes are very pleasing. When …

Coffee Talk Tuesday-Eating Health-Ayeee!!!!

Holiday Eating Habits (story)
It is that time of year again. The holidays usually is a time to overconsume and eat whatsoever we please. Well let me tell you; it's the holidays all year long for me. I eat anything I want and do not gain a pound. Listen, that is not healthy at all. Since I love food and never gained any weight; I never learned about a healthy diet or the importance of having one.

The Plan
Raising a child has prompted me to implement some healthier food choices. My plan is to teach her the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. We are currently seeking ways to implement healthier food choices in our diets without sacraficing taste, and neither one of us need to lose a pound (any tips).

The Sickly Possibilities

I also began to cut back on the heavy seasoning and implementing more water in our diets. Suffering a season of high blood pressure taught me a valuable lesson. It is sometimes hard to believe people such as, myself may suffer from some of these conditions. I…

What Did My Crock Pot Do?

DRIED OUT MY BEANS, but we are still enjoying our meal. I love using my quaint crock-pot. There's always something prepared to eat and time freed up to complete other tasks. It has been a long time since I used my pot, but I had a small variety of beans uncooked. I thought that would make for a great crock-pot meal and they did. They were left in the cooker too long and I can taste the dryness of them. On the other hand, the flavor is on point and I love ALL my beans over rice. Have you made a crock-pot mistake? Do you have a favorite crock-pot meal. Please share them with us. 

Coffee Talk Tuesday

Hometown FoodMoving from state to state was a major step in my life. I just knew that out of town food far superceeded what I was used to back home. To my surprise, I was proved wrong by my tastebuds. There is great food in my new state, but there's a lot of food that I missed back home. Have you relocated from state to state or country to country? What food(s) from home do you miss? Is there any food(s) that you are thankful for in your new home? Even better, what is it about the foods of your current homestate that you appreciate? Check out my detailed lists concerning these matters.

Food Missed from Home  Jay's Potato Chip Brand                                                      Vitners Potato Chip BrandEckrich Polish SausagesPortillo'sChicago Style Hot DogsChicagoland PopcornAlbanese Candy Factory
There's more but I shall stop

New Home AppreciationPortion Sizes are big (everything is bigger here)                                          Food in the buffets are alway…

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