Life Choices, Why Not Dump Cake

It is an honor to return back to my blog. This post will highlight some of the tough decisions that I have made over the course of a few months. As a Christian that don't get caught up on titles; Actually going through with this particular blog post was also a tough decision. I want to share some of my life-changing decisions that come with certain titles.

Mother- That happened ten years ago, and is a blog by itself. The first because it is the most important and have changed my life for the better more than anything.

Mentor/Minister- This decision stemmed from a YES to my Lord. I decided to study ministry by utilizing free online resources of a free online Christian college. This experience has taught me to think twice before pre-judging anything. I have gained some lifelong friendships from attending Christian Leaders Institute, and God has opened many ministry doors. This decision has honestly enhanced my life.

ProDOcer Founder- I never d…

Trust the Science

Life, life, life is all that I can say. When I started this blog I promised that you will go on a food journey with me. I have held up that end of the bargain, because you have not missed out on anything in my world of food. On another note; I started out with a goal of blogging everyday. I found out very soon that was not a possibility for a person, such as myself. Especially in the niche of food blogging. Today, I decided to cook and blog, because life slowed down a bit.
Okay, what does any of this have to do with trusting the science? Let's get to it. We all know that there is a certain degree of science that comes with cooking. For the first time in my cooking history, my cabbage turned out perfect!!!! Why? I finally trusted the science behind the fact that cabbage is water in veggie form. Do not quote me on that. I often heard people say this and never trusted it. I always thought if I did not add as much water as I deemed necessary for cooking cabbage then it would possibly …

Busy-ness, Strawberries, and Angie

I am so excited to be back to blogging. It is Spring and National Women's History Month. I am so excited about those things. I have been on a hiatus and would love to share with you the things that I have been up to. It has been all business and honestly not too much pleasure. We all know how much joy it brings me to blog. Okay, so let's get down to business. We bought a house and that was a pretty busy time. We have been in our new home for around three weeks now and whew boy was that a busy process. My daughter is truly enjoying herself here. The kitchen is a blessing, but of course not my dream kitchen. My favorite part of our new home is all of the yard space we have, even with having a pool. We are now able to garden and grow our own fruits and vegetables. I am also thinking of a way to help the less fortunate from our garden. (Any Ideas).

Let's get down to business, tomorrow I will be starting my new job. Our community organization, which was founded by me will be a …


The intent of this breakfast blog post is to simply encourage you to eat breakfast. I have found that there's tons of research on breakfast, but there are also tons on inconclusive research on the subject of breakfast. Based on what I have studied, I cannot come up with a legitimate reason to discourage eating breakfast.

I have met so many people that say they are not breakfast people. I wonder why is that since breakfast is stated to be the most important meal of the day. By the way, breakfast is not really my thing either. When I decide to eat breakfast; I love homemade french toast with a glass of cold orange juice. 

Research suggests that at least 31 million Americans skip breakfast each day. Let's try to get that number down. My daughter is not a breakfast person either. Lately I have been sitting new food out at night that she has never tried. For instance, it was beef jerky this morning. It sparks her curiosity and she can get something in her system before she leaves hom…

Let's Go Bananas

That's right. We are talking bananas. If you have read any of my previous blogs then you might know that I attempt to dig deep as it relates to the presentation of food. One thing that has been driving me bananas is the presentation of my very own banana pudding. My banana pudding is a big hit among my family and friends. I am going bananas because I would love for my banana pudding to be more presentable, and not lose the traditional flavor. This actually occurred as a result of seeing beautiful banana pudding photos plastered all over different media formats. I am currently working on ways to create a more presentable banana pudding. Do you have any suggestions? Do you have any food that you prepare that's tried and true, but it may be hard for you to present it?  Is it just me?

The Banana
Yes, the banana has gained a negative rap in some food arenas. I will always keep it on the list as an essential for our household. Here is a small list of reasons as to why the banana wil…

EGG-citing News

Yes, today we will be talking about eggs. Eggs are a very versatile food and we do so much in our household with eggs. It has come across my mind the many ways that we use and consume eggs in our day to day lives. Eggs can be consumed as stand alone meals, cooking agents, ingredients in other food, and eggs are also used in certain hair and skin care routines. I am sure that this egg list use can go on.

Here are some reflections of how eggs are utilized in our home. I even came equipped with the recipe for my dazzled eggs. We love hard boiled eggs here. We consume at least eight hard boiled eggs each a week. A tip for the perfect hard boiled eggs is to start off with cold water and a decent amount of table salt. Taking this step will make your egg peeling process much easier. Scrambled eggs are also served frequently here. We scramble the eggs until there are no signs of runny eggs (our preference).

We are in practice mode as it relates to preparing other styles of eggs. We love poach…

Snackin Across the U.S.A.

My goal here is to spruce up the blog by presenting to you something fun. I have included a theme within this blog entitled Snackin Across the U.S.A. I will present to you a snack that is exclusive to or popualr in a certain state. The snack would have already been tried by me. This theme will give me an opportunity to enhance my geographical knowledge and you can enhance the look of your snack drawer. This is a win win situation. It was my desire to do this in alphabetical order, but this shall be random and fun. The snacks presented on this blog is not sponsored products and the opinions expressed belongs to me.

Let's Get Snackin

The Wisconsin Kringle. This is a giant and deliscious pastry. The Wisconsin kringle reminds me of a danish, but I prefer the kringle. The only flavor that I have tried is pecan, but there are so many flavors to choose from. Once my kringle arrived; I made the mistake of cutting right into it. In order to experience the fullness of a Wisconsin Kringle…